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Plastic Polluted Ocean

Cutting edge solutions for the marine industry

Shakey Robotic Innovators (SHAKEY) is a Scottish based environmental technology company. Creating innovative autonomous robotic solutions at the cutting edge of marine subsea observation. Supporting development of subsea food forests, farming and carbon sequestration and mitigating risks of invasive species transfer – all United Nations Sustainable Development goals. Pledged to the UN Race to Zero.  



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Our Services

Our Services use next generation intelligent robotic solutions.  Designed and built in Scotland leveraging Scotland’s world class capabilities and pedigree in robotics, data science and marine heritage

Subsea Habitat Monitoring

Invasive Species Removal

Bespoke Robotic Solutions

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Building Robot

Our specialised robotic solutions are designed to blend in with the marine habitat offering a unique perspective

Discovering potential marine health risks

Measuring impact of subsea assets on marine habitats

Enabling more informed decisions on marine safety and sustainability

Prevent the spread of invasive species

Safely inspect irregular and fragile hulls for damage and contamination

Clean hulls and subsea assets, disposing fouling without contamination

Increasing the efficiency of vessel performance

If you have an interest in measuring and operating subsea operations on marine wildlife, habitat & subsea assets  but unsure whether its possible. Why not call us today to learn more about the art of possible

Our team have created some of the most breath taking subsea robotic solutions

We solve difficult problems with the sophisticated application of robotic intelligence and subsea control systems

Our Services: Services

The Blue Economy

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The potential for carbon storage in the marine environment is vast, yet not always given the consideration it deserves. Blue carbon is the carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems, namely mangroves, sea grasses and salt marshes.


Marine habitats store the greatest amounts of ‘blue’ carbon. It is estimated that the carbon storage in Scotland’s marine sediments alone equates to 52% of Scotland’s 2011 carbon emissions.


The ability of marine habitats to store carbon is improved by maintaining productive, healthy and biologically diverse marine ecosystems.

The Blue Economy

Meet Our Team

The People Behind the Company

Tim Rhodes

Tim Rhodes 

Technical Director

An Innovative and Creative Engineering Manager with extensive experience gained within the Subsea Industry. 


Over 35 years experience specialising in ROV software development, electronic systems, hydraulic and mechanical engineering.

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Joshua Naylor

Automation, Mechatronics & Robotics Engineer

A motivated, specialist engineer with  a passion for education, the environment and wildlife. His key goals in life are:- 

  1. To utilize a synergistic integration of mechatronics & robotics to design & develop (fully automated), safe & reliable products/systems which directly benefit animals, the planet & the public.

  2. Directly educate & influence the next generation of potential engineers, enable some sparks & spread awareness/understanding amongst anyone who is willing to learn.


Derek Kerr

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Derek began his engineering journey at five years old, on seeing the sparks fly from welders and grinders coming from the back garden sheds of his neighbours in Edinburgh.  


Derek laid the foundations of his engineering skills repairing and building bikes for friends and then moving in his 20s to developing manufacturing and modelling skills in the workshops of Herriot Watt University.  Derek he cut his teeth on the fledgling modelling software Pro-Engineer when creating early Remotely Operated Vehicles in the Aberdeen oil and gas sector.


His passion for engineering is equally matched by his love for going down hills very quickly ! - be that on two wheels or his beloved Rossignol Black Ops skis.

greig image0.jpeg

Greig Govenlock

Artificial Intelligence Research and Development

Recent graduate from Strathclyde University (MPhys).


Currently leading further research in advancing marine sensor technology via a PhD at St Andrews University in Biomarine Science.


Enjoys basketball, hiking and space.🪐


Stephen Govenlock 

MD & Founder

A love for problem solving has led Stephen to establish this design and build Robotics and AI company to help solve the world's self inflicted environmental challenges.

With a 35 year career behind him, most recently within the marine defence and subsea sector whilst working with Babcock International, MacTaggart Scott and James Fisher Defence.


Stephen now just does what he enjoys - allowing the law of attraction to lead us on our life's journey.

Smiling Man with Glasses

Adam Kenny 

UAV Drone designer, pilot and clever Mechanical Engineer.

A recent MSc Mechanical Engineering graduate with a keen interest in drones and drone technologies. 


Having spent much of his time designing and building drones for University through the use of various CAD software packages and utilisation of 3D printing.


He hopes to bring this knowledge and experience to further Shakey Robotics goals.

Our Team

Non Exec Directors


Gavin Tweedie

Non Exec Director for Sustainable Ocean Business and the Blue Economy

Gavin leads strategy and research into ocean industries, ocean based natural capital, payments for ecosystem services, circular economy and marine conservation.

A wild swimmer, driven to help build a sustainable and low carbon future. Gavin is co-founder and chair of the Scottish Net Zero community and been in the founding teams of several companies with M&A outcomes to multinational firms such as IBM and HP.


Dougie Brown

Non Executive Director for Geospatial Technology including Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Global Positioning System (GPS)

Dougie provides insight, indepth technical knowledge and strategic leadership for the business in the specific area of Geospatial Technology. All of our autonomous robotic devices utilise a combination of such technologies.

A highly experienced entrepreneur and CEO with a breadth of technical, commercial and leadership experience. A fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, he has over 30 years’ experience within the Geospatial Intelligence sector and has previously held an MD position with private equity-backed Acteon / UTEC Star Net Ltd.

Our Non execs

Our COP26 Challenge

To create a significant project which will allow our close partners to join us in a collaboration activity which could have the ability to limit green house gases, global warming and conserve marine biodiversity.

The findings to be presented formally during COP26.

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Cop26 Challenge
Harbour Trials
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harbour trial IMG_0522.JPG
harbour trial IMG_0532.JPG
demo at harbour MG_0536.JPG
harbour trial IMG_0525.JPG

Harbour Trials March 2021

Our new HQ

The National Robotarium

national robotarium pict 3.jpeg

The National Robotarium

SHAKEY is delighted to advise that our new headquarters shall be based at the recently opened National Robotarium, based on the Research Park, at Heriot Watt University, Edinbugh.

 ntionla robotarium site.jpeg

Collaboration to
be our focus

Collaborating on pioneering robotics and artificial intelligence to assure the safety and preservation of marine wildlife and habitats across the globe whilst ensuring the continuous drive to Net Zero.

Our Services: Products

Our Pledge to a low carbon future

Our organisation recognises the importance of making a full and lasting commitment to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our activities, in support of the wider commitment of the world to limit global temperature increases and the impact on the planet.

As a member of the Net Zero Scotland Community we commit to the following:

1. For our company to achieve Net Zero in line with the Science Based targets set out by the UNFCCC i.e. to achieve Net Zero no later than 2045 and target a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030

2. To set realistic short and long term targets that are designed to achieve our Net Zero commitments.


3. To report the total Greenhouse Gas emissions of our business regularly and for our performance to be part of the Net Zero Scotland Community’s annual reporting back to the UNFCCC.

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Our Pledge
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